Your New England & New Hampshire wedding is supposed to be one of the most amazing days of your life – right?

Unfortunately though, it’s only one day – and human memory is simply not “built” to hold all the details of this marvelous, emotional, life-changing event.

That’s where wedding photography helps. By hiring a great wedding photographer, you get the chance to capture the most beautiful aspects of your wedding in a way that’s candid, aesthetically-pleasing, and, more importantly, a way that truly mirrors you and who you are as a couple.

What are some of the main photography styles out there – and how to choose one that will really suit you? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • As the name suggests, this wedding photography style is most suitable for classic wedding couples. These pictures play upon the importance of this emotional moment of your life and capture the grandeur, the elegance, and the beauty of its details in a way that’s traditional, yet always personal. Keep in mind: “traditional” does not equal “boring” or “bland” in any way – it’s just a more conventional way of capturing the love and emotion of a wedding.
  • Unlike the traditional wedding photos, photojournalistic wedding photos tend to be a lot more impromptu. There are no styled poses, or long photo shooting hours – the photographer will simply capture the happiest details of your wedding (and they will do this without making you feel uncomfortable with their presence there).
  • High fashion. This wedding photography style feels torn from a glossy magazine. Think of any fashion photo shooting you’ve ever seen – even those for bridal products, such as wedding dresses, for example. There’s power and contemporaneity in this style, and there’s a lot of editing too. This photography style is perfect for a modern couple (and it usually works best in urban wedding settings, but it’s not an absolute “must”).
  • These wedding photos emphasize the natural beauty surrounding your wedding. They rarely use flash lights or special settings on the camera – they just make use of the great natural lighting, as well as the lighting of your wedding reception. These are the most candid and sweetest types of photos, especially for country chic and garden weddings.


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