Your bridesmaids are more than just your helpers for the Big Day. They are your best friends – the people who stood by your side throughout the planning process and the people who will stand by your side at the altar, as you make your wedding vows. Even more, they were your shoulder to cry on when wedding planning was tough and they were your best advisors in making sure everything’s perfect.

OF COURSE you want to celebrate your friendship and show your bridesmaids just how much they mean to you! And what better way is there, other than by including them in special photos?

The following bridesmaids’ photos ideas are really popular – so read on if you’re looking for inspiration.

  • The one with them at the altar. Yes, your wedding photographer will focus on you and your loved one. But why not capture the emotion of your best friends too? Chances are at least one of them will cry during the ceremony, which will create such an amazing picture – and it will complement your wedding photo album so beautifully!
  • The one with them getting ready. Ask your photographer to capture your super ladies as they get ready (same as he will capture you getting ready). The giggles, the nervousness, the attention they put into every detail of their look for your Big Day – they will look amazing in the photos.
  • The one with the groom. Of course, your bridesmaids are fun – and asking them to take a couple of shots with the groom. These could be really fun pictures, so ask them to be creative. Stealing the groom, swaying him away from the wedding, proposing to him – these are just a few ideas for this kind of picture, so don’t be afraid to make them unique!
  • The ones with you. Naturally, you will want your photographer to capture photos of you and your bridesmaids too. Helping you get ready, hugging you, receiving your gift – these are just some of the beautiful moments that could be captured. They will make for such a nice addition to your wedding album!


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