Your wedding day is full of firsts. First look at the bride walking down the aisle; first kiss as a married couple; and the first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Though not every wedding is the same and you can choose to do all of these traditional firsts plus more, or you can choose to do none of them - it is completely your decision! This couple did all of these traditional firsts but also did a first look with all the bridesmaids and bride and a first look with the bride with her father. These are not the only ones that you can do. Many couples do a first look between the bride and groom though this couple did not, many do this as a more private moment between the bride and groom to see one another before the wedding in their wedding attire. You may be thinking why, why do all these firsts? Well here are a few reasons. Many do them to get more photos and White Mountains Wedding Photography will capture every first moment for you to keep forever. Some do it to calm their nerves. Many get nervous going in front of such a large crowd of people and seeing their significant other calms the nerves and gives you the assurance that your partner is there to help you through it. And the best reason of all, you get to spend more time with the one you love! No matter what you decide to do – all, one, none or something in between – White Mountains Wedding Photography loves capturing all these moments on your best day ever.