Douget engagement - facing each other by waterfall

Perfect setting for engagement photos!

Now is a great time to get those engagement or portrait photos done, right here in New Hampshire. The trees are full of green leaves, the flowers are blooming, the rivers and streams are running strong and the weather is warming up with all the sunshine! This time of year is great for hiking and…

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Towle Wedding - couple posing, facing one another

Winter Wonderland

Do you love the winter and want a winter wedding in northern New England? January, February and March are great months to host a wedding. There are many venues open for business where you can still either have your wedding inside or outside (of course depending on the weather). But if you prefer and only…

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A Wedding for the Books - White Mountains Wedding Photograph Blog

A Wedding for the Books!

Where to begin – the bride’s incredible dress? The groom’s fantastic tux? Or maybe their gorgeous backdrop of Cathedral of the Pines? The day was nothing short of perfect as these two tied the knot on a beautiful fall day in Rindge, New Hampshire. Their ceremony was sweet, with speeches by a couple friends while…

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Indoor or Outdoor Wedding - White Mountains Wedding Photography Blog

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

Location, location, location – this is typically one of the first big decisions a newly engaged couple decides on in regards to their wedding day. Once you narrow it down to an area you would like you need to pick a venue. Taking in account what the weather could be, your potential guest count and…

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Fall Wedding - White Mountains Wedding Photography Blog

Colors of Fall

New England in the fall season shows off so many bright colors. And, White Mountains Wedding Photography is located in one the most beautiful states for fall, New Hampshire. Visit during this time of year and you will find many tour buses, out of state cars and tourists here to view the foliage. The mountains…

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Wedding Firsts - White Mountains Wedding Photography Blog

Unforgettable First Wedding Moments

Your wedding day is full of firsts. First look at the bride walking down the aisle; first kiss as a married couple; and the first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Though not every wedding is the same and you can choose to do all of these traditional firsts plus more, or you can choose to…

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Sweep them off their feet blog

Sweep them off their feet!

Have you ever heard the expressions: Get your feet wet; Take a load off your feet; Have itchy feet; or Stand on your own two feet!.. Or how about Sweep someone off their feet!? Ever wondered what each of these meant? To sweep someone off their feet – this is the feeling that you get…

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Wedding Vow Tips

Make Your Wedding Vows Your Own

Are you thinking about writing your own wedding vows? Here are five tips to help you: 1. Assure your partner, you will always be there in the good and bad times 2. Share a personal story 3. Make an actual promise 4. Acknowledge not only your partner but your family and friends for their support…

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High in the Clouds

High in the Clouds!

Have you ever wondered what it felt to be in the clouds, high in the sky… Well, this wedding vendor gives you that soaring feeling. From the amazing views of the water and mountains below, to the stone buildings and water fountains around the property, this is the perfect place for your wedding photos and…

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Reflections of Love

Reflection of Love

Want an outdoor wedding but not sure where to have it? Check out Alyson’s Orchard! This orchard was great and would be wonderful anytime of the year. I was able to get many beautiful wedding photos, though I would have to say the ones with the reflection of the trees in the water are my…

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