Here at White Mountains Wedding Photography, we genuinely believe every wedding is beautiful and unforgettable in its own way. And that is precisely why we always strive to create amazing wedding photos that capture the grandeur and grace of these moments in people’s lives. And we always want to help our brides and grooms truly SHINE on their wedding pictures – because they deserve it and their love story deserves it.

What are some of the types of wedding photos you might want to consider including in your plan? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Ultra-natural. Forget about poses and awkward smiles. Why not shoot your wedding photos in a really natural way, allowing your photographer to capture you in your own element? Of course, there’s plenty of room for poses and for classic portraits, but why not include a couple of photos that capture the tears, the looks, the smiles of your wedding day? After all, these are the most precious moments, right?
  • Before the wedding. Shooting Getting Ready photos has grown to be quite popular these days – and we can see why. This kind of wedding pictures are meant to show the emotion and nervousness of the hours preceding the wedding ceremony: the smile on your face as you put on the makeup, the fun you will have with your bridesmaids (and he will have with his groomsmen), the small details that will make this morning feel magical.
  • Fun wedding party. These are your best friends and most loyal helpers in making sure the wedding is perfect. But you don’t have to shoot their photos in an old-school, dull way. Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to have some genuine fun while they shoot these photos – this way, your photographer will be able to capture their unique, colorful personalities (and yours by association, of course!).
  • Touchy first look. This type of photo shooting may come in contradiction to some superstitions – and if you want to stick to tradition, it’s perfectly OK to opt out of these photos. However, if you want a bunch of wedding photos that clearly capture the surprise and amazement on your loved one’s face when he sees you as a bride for the first time, definitely go for it!


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