Location, location, location - this is typically one of the first big decisions a newly engaged couple decides on in regards to their wedding day. Once you narrow it down to an area you would like you need to pick a venue. Taking in account what the weather could be, your potential guest count and your own personal preferences plus the time of year that you decide to have your wedding all affect your decision. Not only in the venue but also what you will wear and if your wedding will be inside or outside. Many decide to have an outdoor wedding like this couple did and here are some reasons why.

  1. Wedding Photos - surrounded by nature is nothing but peaceful and beautiful.
  2. Natural Lighting - puts more light on the subject of the photo for better details.
  3. Minimal Decor - Don't need as much for decorations for the beauty of the scenery is there but if you want to get creative there is plenty of room to do so
  4. Accommodating Large Parties - Plenty of room many guests

Check out these wedding photos that use the natural lighting and beautiful scenery. This time of year it is still warm enough to wear a dress with no sleeves and the water and foliage just set the tone for a great special day.